Harbour House is a Canada Select 4 star accommodation.

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Comments from Our Guests

"So glad to have great recommendation to visit Harbour House! Gatherall Whale Watcher were terrific! Thanks for lovely quiet visit!"

- The Ryans

British Columbia, Canada

June, 2011

"We have spent 2 glorious weeks in your beautiful abode enjoying the hills ‘n’ harbour views and hiking the ECT & town. We keep pinching ourselves to make sure all this rugged beauty is real and hope to capture these wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Your welcoming hospitality made Harbour House feel like home away from home for us.

Thank you, thank you."

- John, Jenn, Caity, Eric, Petey & Mitten

Ontario, Canada

July, 2011

"Our family had a wonderful stay here! We will have lots of happy memories."

- Acuna/Pensa/Jacson/Douglas families

Ontario & British Columbia, Canada

June/July, 2011

"Lovely accommodations; beautiful little harbour. Our host & hostess were so helpful thank you so much! Great sites & hiking trails. Looking forward to seeking you again."

- The McIntyres,

- The Caircross,

- N. Evans

Ontario, Canada

July/August, 2011

"Excellent accommodations! Bigger than we expected and saw from website. We had a great stay here, in spite of fog & wind & cold – we are in Newfoundland, you know! Our last day we had sun & warmth - beautiful! Petty Harbour is a great place to stay as well!"

- The Tanners

Nova Scotia, Canada

August, 2011

"We had a wonderful time this past week in Newfoundland. Petty Harbour is a beautiful place. Our accommodations were super; a great place to stay. Will certainly pass along to our friends."

- The Doucetts

Nova Scotia, Canada

August, 2011

"Wonderful accommodations and a perfect location for our day trips around the Avalon Peninsula. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Harbour House and Petty Harbour! Will definitely recommend to friends back home."

- B. Thyen

Mississauga, Ontatio, Canada

- The Walkeys

Manitoba, Canada

"Thank you Shelley & Bernard. We felt truly spoiled by your hospitality. Glad there was no 'foggin rain'. First class from start to finish. "

- The Ontario Clan

August, 2011

"Thank you Shelly and Bernard for providing us a comfortable, clean, choice place to stay with wonderful & plentiful food. Many thanks."

- D. Garbet & J. West

British Columbia, Canada

September, 2011

"Fab food. Wonderful weather."

- J. Armstrong

British Columbia, Canada

September, 2011

"A wonderful stay Shelley & Bernard – thank you very much. I have enjoyed all the wonderful dinners you have made for us! The hiking has been spectacular!"

- M. Hammond

September, 2011

"Great accommodations & food! Great hosts & very knowledgeable. I surely will recommend your facility to many of my hiking friends. Thank you."

"Wednesday Hikers"

- M. Geach

British Columbia, Canada

September, 2011

"Our stay at attractive Harbour House and our hike to Motion Head on a splendid September day was a great climax to our week on the East Coast Trail. Shelley’s yummy, garlicy salads accompany Bernard’s cod – a treat!"

- The McDillons

- The Pattersons

Ontario, Canada

September, 2011

"We had a wonderful stay here. The house was very clean and perfect for us. Thank you for everything!"

- Phoque, Gab, Josee, Francois, Benoit, Marie-Claire, Anne

Québec, Canada

October, 2011

"Thank you very much for letting us stay in your beautiful apartment so spontaneously! We appreciate that a lot. Thank you to your great hospitality and for sharing your snow crabs with us. Also, thank you for sharing recipes and extending our 'food knowledge'.

We enjoyed our stay in Petty Harbour on our East Coast Trail hike. Your house has the perfect position. We love the spot, we love the door framings (although they are quite low, ouch). We love how the old house is kept nice. We love the double doors in the dining area. We’d love to come back. I think if we’d ever come back to Newfoundland we will do so. Again, thank you for everything.

P.S. We also love that you love Scrabble."

- Tina & Simon

May, 2011

"Thanks for providing such a comfortable oasis to return to after our hikes by the beautiful East Coast Trail. I have wanted to do this ‘trek’ for many years and now I finally have! This is our second location along the journey and what a pleasant stay it has been. Wonderful food (you are a good cook Shelley), a warm, clean and bright apartment and a comfy bed. What more could one ask for. Thanks for sharing a pinch of your life with me/us."

- J. Donegan

Ontario, Canada

June, 2011

"Thank you for a great stay. Best wishes."

- Anna

Ontario, Canada

June, 2011

"Very comfortable here. The Monopoly San Diego Edition was a nice touch!"

- The Richards

San Diego, CA, USA

July, 2011

"Petty Harbour and the house made a special holiday even more wonderful. This is somewhere we will never forget, and hopefully return to."

- Mike & Jenny

"We wish that we could have stayed over 7 days right here in Petty Harbour. What a beautiful spot on earth. Thanks."

- Susanne, Geoff, Leah & Michael

"Thank you it is great times here. It was fun to be here and who comes here is lucky! It is cool!"

- 8 year old girl

"We’ve really enjoyed our 'home away from home' during our stay in Newfoundland. It provided us with 'comforts' we have come to be 'comfortable' with over the years, especially the need for comfortable beds! Thank you so much.

We were blessed with decent weather as we explored the area and all its gems, especially the friendly folks we’ve met in our travels. Loved tasting new foods, and we leave with a fondness for fish ‘n brews, toutons, and cod tongues (well one of us for the latter!!).

Thank you for your part in making our first Newfoundland vacation one of many happy memories!

'Near the sea we forget to count the day.'"

- Margie & Steve

"It is the finest kind"!
"It’s too cold to get that warm"
"When it stops raining, it’s a sunny day"


  • Best steamed cod @ Ches’s, St. John’s
  • Best fish and brewis @ Velma’s, St. John’s
  • Best crab cakes @Sapphire, Bay Bulls
  • Best turkey sandwich @Manna, St. John’s
  • Best cod tongues & scrunchions @ Velma’s
  • Best pan fried cod @ Chafe’s, Petty Harbour
  • Best coffee Keurig @ Liquor Express, Petty Harbour
  • Best hosts @ Harbour House, Shelley & Bernard!

- Unsigned

"We really enjoyed our stay in your most comfortable quarters here in beautiful Petty Harbour. We look forward to returning to Newfoundland and its friendly people – and to give nature a chance to show us the sun can shine here."

- The Clamans

Ontario, Canada

August 11, 2011

"Thanks so much for such quaint accommodations – the house is very cozy and warm and the view AMAZING!!! The people of Newfoundland are very friendly – always wanting to assist. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to be able to return some day soon (to better weather)."

- The Yenishalmys


August 11, 2011

"Our stay certainly defines ‘the finest kind’ – every aspect will resurface in weeks, months & years to come. The lovely hiking, your great advice, the utterly unparalleled food, the lovely, comfortable & well executed accommodation, did we mention the food?, & every other kindness you treated us to."

- The Richardsons

Ontario, Canada

August 18,2011

"We truly appreciate the hospitality shown to us during our week adventure hiking the East Coast Trail. Your accommodations surpassed our expectations and needs. The meals were first class. Your friendship, advice and expertise of the area are unsurpassed. We hope at some time we can reciprocate.

You both are 'The Finest Kind II (also)'"

- Rick & Bev

Alberta, Canada

August 18, 2011

"My brother and I very much enjoyed staying in your apartment. The old house details of wainscoting, door frames, etc. give the place character yet it is also fresh and clean to stay in. Thanks also for your hospitality."

- Gail & Ian

British Columbia & Ontario, Canada

August 28, 2011

"Saving the Best for Last! Staying at Harbour House was a perfect way to end our wonderful Nfld. holiday. We’ve had great weather, hiking and many happy memories."

- The Bryants

Ontario, Canada

- G. Bryant

Alabama, USA

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